McCain®  Redstone Canyon™ Skin-On Spiral Fries and Waffle Fries were designed to take center stage on your menu. These unique fry offerings are more than just a side dish; they present an opportunity to elevate your offerings and captivate your guests with inventive dishes. Use our Inspiration Guide to spark your culinary creativity and delight your customers. 

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McCain Specialty Fry Inspiration Guide − featuring menu ideas for McCain® Redstone Canyon™ Skin-On Waffle and Spiral Fries
McCain® Redstone Canyon™ Waffle Fries with pastrami, spiral fries with lobster mac, plus crinkle and sweet potato fries


Adding McCain® Redstone Canyon™ Skin-On Spiral Fries and Waffle Fries to your menu will bring a dynamic visual appeal to the table that will delight your guests. Spiral fries offer a fun springy shape and waffle fries are satisfyingly crispy. Our specialty fries allow you to experiment with various seasonings, sauces and toppings, and they make an excellent upcharge option for your menu.

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